Why Skyline Solar?

  • Skyline Solar is a full service solar company from sales, design, installation and service of your photovoltaic solar array for residential and commercial needs!
  • Solar is all we do!
  • An owner or member of the Skyline Solar team will oversee your project from start to finish!
  • Great communication so you know where you stand at all times!
  • Authorized distributor of many of the worlds leading solar manufacturers!

Solar energy not only provides your home or business with less expensive electricity, but will also reduce your carbon footprint!

Whether you lease or purchase a solar system, you can be assured that you will see an immediate reduction, or in some cases an elimination of your electric bill.

The sun is an abundant, untapped and never-ending (for another 4 billion years at least) fuel source. Unlike other fuel sources used to generate electricity like petroleum, nuclear fusion and other methods, the sun itself is a non-depleting resource. The sun will never raise its kw per hour cost because it does not depend on converting one costly energy into another.

A solar system is one of the best investments you can make today. By taking a load off the grid and supplying your own electricity, you are investing in YOUR future and YOUR home or business.


What People Say About Us

The team over at Skyline Solar made the entire process from start to finish very easy for me to understand.
Skyline was very direct and to the point, and very informative of my needs without constantly trying to up-sell to me. I know i made the right decision choosing this company to install my solar panels.


Solar energy is incredibly flexible, build your solar system exactly how you want and begin to harness the power of the sun to meet your electricity needs.

See the FAQ section to answer some of your questions.

Why Solar?

  • It’s free
  • It’s clean
  • It’s infinitely renewable
  • It can reduce or negate your utility costs
  • It comes with incentives
  • It increases your energy self-reliance
  • It can also increase your home’s value
  • It’s extremely reliable
  • + So Much More!


Switching to solar energy can help fill your pockets with a little more green, in addition to making your home or business more environmentally-friendly thanks to numerous federal, state and local incentive programs. There are a variety of financial offerings that can make installing renewable energy more affordable.


For information on financial incentives for renewable energy in your state, visit the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE).


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


Solar generated electricity is the only real NO-RISK investment in our world. Why watch your money fluctuate in stocks or bonds when you can constantly watch your electricity bill zero itself out?